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A common concern amongst people considering building is how to stay within budget, a task made even more difficult on sloping and difficult blocks in high bushfire prone areas due to the high number of variables. We work very closely with a number of excellent designers that will design your custom home in partnership with Ironstone Homes. This partnership allows the builder and designer to collaborate on the design of your home, to ensure that your project is designed within budget and built the most cost effective way.


Designing houses on sloping and difficult blocks in bushfire prone areas is a complicated process so by having the design done as a partnership it gives the ability to make sure we are on budget at every single stage, so no ugly surprises occur later on.


Our costing’s are transparent and explained in detail which alleviates the stresses and troubles so often experienced by clients taking a challenging design to tender with multiple builders. Our in-house interior design service can help put the finishing touches on your project.


Our builder is involved in all aspects of the building process to ensure your project runs smoothly. As a qualified carpenter with over 20 years experience in the industry, Troy is regularly on site wielding a hammer as he finds this the most effective way to maintain quality and the keen attention to detail that Ironstone Homes prides itself on. Regular communication between builder and client is vital, so you will benefit from direct access to Troy and his expertise to discuss any aspect of the build. Should you have a question about your project, Troy is always available to take your call.



Bushfire Prone Areas - A property’s Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) is a huge design consideration that must be considered very carefully in the early planning stages. If a block of land has been designated in a bushfire prone area, a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) assessment must be carried out to determine the potential level of bushfire risk to the home as part of the residential building standard - Australian Standard AS 3959-2009.

Six bushfire attack levels (BAL) are used in the standard ranging from LOW to EXTREME. The assessment should consider a number of various factors including the Fire Danger Index, the slope of the land (upslope and down slope), the types of surrounding vegetation and its proximity to any building.

Ironstone Homes undertakes a Preliminary BAL Overview looking at the positioning on your house on your individual block to help minimize the BAL rating. This desktop review will comprise recommendations from a certified BAL assessor of ways to obtain the lowest possible BAL rating from the positioning of the house to clearing fuel load on your individual block. This is an important design tool as it provides feedback and solutions to achieve a lessor BAL rating. This then determines the construction methods that must be adhered to when building a home potentially saving the client money in the construction process.



Ironstone Homes builds to all rural areas of Western Australia. Due to the nature of rural blocks having most, if not all of the characteristics that we specialise in we are the perfect builder for these areas. We understand what’s required when building in rural and country WA, and are there to assist you every step of the way. We believe that “The time you spend at home should be enjoyed at the highest possible level – no matter where you live”



At Ironstone Homes we specialise in building on sloping and difficult blocks. We see a sloping site not as a ‘problem’ to be overcome, but a unique design opportunity to create a stunningly innovative and original home. Often a sloping site is chosen for its location and/or spectacular views.


Our design approach is to maximise the site’s natural attributes to achieve the best possible outcome while embracing views and orientation. Through the utilisation of alternate building materials that suit this type of construction we strive to keep the excavation and retaining costs to a minimum, leaving you with more money to invest in the construction of your new custom designed home.

Unlike many less specialised builders, Ironstone Homes addresses each and every one of these challenges in detail at the design stage to ensure no issues arise at the construction stage. We endeavor to create a design that maximizes and suits the gradient and contours of each block to ensure minimal cut and fill requirements to contain costs. 

However, the clients design brief is also a priority but through clever design, cuts are typically kept to a minimum.  We design the house levels to the contours of the site and believe that the house should sit into the site with as little as possible impact to its natural surroundings.

Building on a sloping block or a difficult site has many challenges:

  • The gradient of the block

  • Soil type

  • Drainage

  • Soil retention

  • Site Access

  • Engineering

  • Construction type

  • Retaining



At Ironstone Homes we set out to maximise the potential of your site giving consideration to the uniqueness of your block, your personal needs and lifestyle requirements, your BAL rating and your budget. This allows us to design and create you a custom designed home that is tailored to you personally and maximises the site’s natural attributes.


We specialise in building custom timber and steel frame homes that are quick to construct and energy efficient. We love using alternate building materials that create endless design possibilities and help you stand out from the crowd.



Ironstone Homes understands building a home can sometimes be an overwhelming and demanding experience. By keeping you informed every step of the way we aim to make the building process as enjoyable as possible. Not only do we want you to enjoy your new home, we want to you to enjoy the process of building your new home and be involved in your exciting new project as little or as much as you like.


We have a flexible, consultative approach tailored to each individual clients needs. We are more than happy to come to you after hours, as we know you are busy working, and offer a one-on-one personal service by Troy the Builder throughout the entire design and build process.


Troy will be involved in every step along the way and will ensure you get the one on one service that you deserve.


Never has there been a greater necessity to build an energy efficient home. With climate change and the cost of living continuing to rise, getting the best performance from the materials you build your home from just makes sense.


Each project is designed to maximise it's site, surrounding environment and obviously your needs. Through our design and construct process, we work closely with specific designers trained in energy efficient building principles to achieve a high quality outcome.


Using sustainable, high-performing materials and building methods, we can maximise passive heating and cooling in your home, thereby reducing your households running costs.


If you're interested in investing in your future, a high performing, low energy consuming, healthy home is the way to go.

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